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I enjoy reading other RV travel blogs.  I enjoy following the travels of other people who are out there traveling in an RV.  It’s a great way to learn from others.  I get many ideas about travel destinations, things to see, and places to stay.  I also learn things about RV repairs and useful gadgets.  I use the Feedly RSS reader service (and smartphone app) to follow all of the blogs.

I also started listening to podcasts.  I use these for more of a learning experience.  I use the Stitcher app on my smartphone and tablet to listen to episodes.

So here’s the list of these items that I read and listen to on a regular basis.

RV Travel Blogs



  • RV Travel Podcasts
    • Living the RV Dream
    • Roadtrekking
    • The RV Entrepreneur
  • Blogging
    • ProBlogger
    • WordPress Security Daily


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