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Here are some resources that may help you locate additional RV travel blogs.

Hitch Itch

Hitch Itch – This is a great list of both new and established RV blogs.  I’m happy to be included on this list.


Hitch Up And Go

Hitch Up And Go – This list of RV blogs is extensive.  My J. Dawg Journeys blog is listed here. There are other links too, including RV videos, online RV magazines, work-camper job sites, RV clubs, and manufacturer clubs, forums, and more.


RV Resources

RV Resources – This site includes a collection of the best RV blogs. My J. Dawg Journeys blog is listed as RVer of the month for Dec 2014!  The home page has many other resources including RV Tours, Advice & Guides like detailed checklists for buying / maintaining an RV, and a RV Rental Dealer Directory if you want to test drive the RV lifestyle.


Top 100 RV Blog

Feedspot – This is a reader service where you can read and follow all types of blogs and websites.  My J. Dawg Journeys blog is listed as one of the Top 100 RV Blogs by Feedspot!  They have several top 100 blog lists.



Top 50 RV BlogsTop 50 RV Blogs – A self explanatory title put out by the Florida Outdoors RV Center “Top 50 RV Blogs” list.  They list favorite blogs alphabetically and offer a summary of the contents of each blog along with a small photo.


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