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This page shows a list of some of the major road trips that I’ve taken.  Each trip listed is a highlighted link that will show you the articles that I wrote during that specific trip.  The map below the link shows the route we followed.  Its a way to follow a specific journey and see what I experienced.  Just click on a trip and you see a list of articles.  Enjoy!



  • Colorado Road Trip 2015 – A six week tour of central and southern Colorado with side trips to Arizona and Utah.

Colorado Roadtrip

Texas Part 1Texas Part 2



  • Washington DC – week long trip to DC
  • Long Island Adventure – week long trip to the east end of Long Island
  • Western Roadtrip – a five week long road trip to Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota.
  • Florida Winter 2013 – two months of wintering in Florda


  • Outer Banks – Ten day trip to Cape May and the Outer Banks
  • Gaspe Peninsula – Ten day road trip around the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec
  • Florida Winter 2012 – Two months of wintering in Florida

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