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My Life’s Becoming a Movie

This summer I stumbled upon a travel website called My Life’s a Movie.  The website author is vlogger Alyssa Ramos who posts videos of her world-wide travels.  What struck me about her website was not the content but the name – My Life’s a Movie.  It made me think that my RV travel life is sort of evolving into that – slowly becoming a movie.

I began posting travel videos on my YouTube channel in 2012.  Most have been short videos showing scenes of places that I visited.  But, in late 2015, I put myself in front of the camera and started using video as another way to journal about my travels.  As of this date, I’ve made and posted 147 videos on my YouTube channel – J. Dawg Journeys Videos.

A Great Way to Record My Travels

I like making videos about my travels.  It’s another great way to create a record of my travels.  It’s also been a fun new set of skills to learn.  Video creation involves some new-to-me technology and additional equipment over an above basic photography.  The choices on equipment and gadgets are numerous.  It can also be as complex as you want it to be.  You can spend thousands of dollars on high-end video equipment.  And for some, a cell phone is sufficient to record and upload videos.

I’ve slowly acquired a set of camera equipment (photography and video) that I really like using for my RV travels.  Keeping with my fugal and minimalist nature, it’s not the latest stuff or most expensive equipment.  But it works really well for my type of travel and story telling.

I’ve got all my gear listed on my Travel Technology page.  But, I decided to do a video and more explicitly share the info on my travel camera equipment.  I’ve learned a lot about video and photography from reading and checking out what other travels bloggers are using.  I figure some of my readers and viewers may be curious or find it interesting so I decided to share it.

A couple of things not shown in the video are a tripod and video editing software.  I do carry a tripod and used it to make this video.  But I rarely use it in my travels.  Most of the time I use a monopod or the camera handle grip for still photography.

For video editing, I use Cyberlink’s PowerDirector software.  I also use Cyberlink’s AudioDirector for editing audio files.  Both are very powerful software tools.

So that’s my current setup.  Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions.

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    Thanks J.
    Really found the video to be informative. Our Class B is currently being built in Elkhart IN and should be ready by the end of the year or sooner.