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My Oregon Trail Journal – Part 1

Many of the pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail in the 1800’s kept journals of their journey. For some it was a handwritten diary. For others it was a collection of letters to family.  Most wrote about what they were seeing or experiencing.  Yes, there were landmarks that marked the way and their progress.  But most wrote about their challenges and hopes.

For my journey, I’m going to write blog posts and do vlogs about my trip, but there will be two types of “journals”.   Most of my blog posts and videos will be about the Oregon Trail – the places I visit, landmarks, museums, and historical sites that I see along the way.   These entries will all have historical aspects and will all be about the Trail.

I’m going to do some separate and less frequent entries, which I’m labeling – My Oregon Trail Journal.  These posts and videos will about my present day experiences while undertaking this cross-country RV trip.  Things like my challenges, the wacky weather, some new experiences, the people I meet, and some non Oregon Trail places.  I’m calling it my Oregon Trail Journal, but it’s not really about the historical trail.  This journal will all be about the present.  Sort of a diary like the pioneers kept but more in a story format.

So, like the pioneers, I had to get to the beginning of the Oregon Trail, which is in Missouri. The pioneers took their wagons or river boats all the way to Independence, MO.  I took my RV.  It was a somewhat boring trip of long days on the highway.  But, it was not without some drama.

For those of you who own an RV, you know that these things break.  And they usually break when you’re on a trip so you have to learn to accept that.  Or simply said: shit happens – learn to deal with it.

I had a minor issue with my RV that caused me some anxiety and a small delay.  These things are all part of the RV experience.  The pioneers had to deal with broker wheels and axles.  I had to deal with a busted battery boost solenoid.  Here’s a short video about my issue.

It’s always something.  I’m back on the road with $253 less in my bank account.

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