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Snowbird Friends and Fellows

This post is a follow-up to my last post about my snowbird stay at San Carlos RV Park in Fort Myers Beach.  One of the benefits of staying at San Carlos is that I’ve been able to meet many super nice people from all over the country. The park caters to returning snowbirds so over the course of 5 years, I’ve become friends with many of the “winter residents”.

Most travel bloggers tend to fill their blog entries with pictures of landscapes, objects, and interesting scenery.  I do that when I’m writing about a place or a trip.  But this post is different. It’s about people.  I’m dedicating the content to those friends and fellows that I’ve met at San Carlos.  It’s meant to be a photo album of the friends that I want to remember.

This past winter I undertook a project to photograph the people in the RV park.  I worked at it over the course of the winter taking pictures at various events that were held in the park.  It’s was a challenge because I wanted candid shots of people being happy and just being themselves.  I couldn’t get everyone because I wasn’t able to capture them in a good candid photo.  So, there’s a few couples, friends, and fellows missing.

I took almost 100 photos of people.  Below are the best ones.  The smiles show that these are happy folks.

Nancy, Dennis, and Jill.

Vito and Wanda

From the left – Linda, Deb, and Ron

Mike and Bonita

Bill and Marsha

John and Lianne

Fellow Patriots fans – Lianne and John

Shawnee and Stephen

Mary Jean and Harry

Mary Jean and Harry

Steve and Diane

Steve and Diane

Phyllis dancing on her birthday with fellow snowbird Harry


The Corn Hole Tournament “Commissioner” – Neil


The Corn Hole Tournament “Assistant Commissioner” – Steve #4

Marlene and Joey

Marlene and Joey

Bill and Karole

Bill and Karole

Steve and Sherri

“Handsome” Steve and Sherri

Steve and Mike

Steve #3 and Mike

Ron and Tom

Ron and Tom

Vicki and Judy

Vickie, Person X, and Judy

Donna and Steph

Donna and Stephanie


“Madame President” Lynda





My site neighbor and devoted sun worshipper – Alan

RV journeys can be about travel to new places, doing adventurous activities, eating exotic foods, and seeing jaw dropping scenery.

For me, the journeys are also about the people you meet on your journeys.  Getting to meet and enjoy the company of new people is just a rewarding as seeing a red rock canyon or a snow-capped mountain range.

The people I’ve met at San Carlos are some of the best.

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2 thoughts on “Snowbird Friends and Fellows

  1. Roger Bohnke

    Love it! We had an extended stay at Naval Air Station Key West Sigsbee campground recently. Similar experience where lots of retirees spend the winter there and become great friends. And of course, being in Key West, it’s not hard to find a party! This illustrates another great thing about RV’ing. If you want solitude, it’s not too hard to find, and if you want community, well here you go!

    1. J. Dawg Post author

      Roger, Thanks for your comment. I agree. RVing can bring you to great places. It can also bring you to places where there’s great people.