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Settling into My Snowbird Lifestyle

After short stays in Tampa and Siesta Key, we arrived at Fort Myers Beach towards the end of December.  Our home for the next 4 months is San Carlos RV Resort.  The owners have made several improvements (new managers, paving, faster wi-fi, new picnic tables, new boat ramp, and new laundry machines) and the place looks great.  It’s also been nice to reconnect with our winter friends again.

It’s been easy to get settled on our site and start living like snowbirds again.  We started playing in the weekly RV park cornhole tournament and visiting our favorite eateries.  This year, we’ve joined the local Bay Oaks Recreation Center down on the beach.  Anne wants to keep up with her aerobics routines and I just got into playing pickleball.  A seasonal membership was just $20 for each of us.

So far the weather has been warm.  I’ve been riding my bike over to the beach at least 2-3 times per week.  The first time pedaling over the big Sky Bridge was a bit daunting but my 62-year-old geezer lungs and gams still have the power to get me up and over.  Having a bike with 21 gears also helps.

So, what does my snowbird lifestyle look like?  Well, here’s some pictures to show what a week of my snowbird lifestyle looks like.


Bayside Grille

During football season, I like watching NFL football games at the Bayside Grille.  It’s a locals sports bar where the staff knows your name.  Over 20 TV’s showing every game.  The food is great.  Happy hour is from 2 pm – 6 pm every day.

Doc Ford's

After football season, many Sunday afternoon’s are spent dancing at Doc Ford’s Rum Bar. Deb and the Dynamics play some great blues and dance music every Sunday from 1 pm – 4 pm.


Bonita Bills

Jam Night is on Mondays at Bonita Bills. Local musicians just show up to play together. It’s always unique.

Moose Lodge

On Monday’s, the local Moose Lodge serves homemade meatloaf for dinner.  Yum!  They serve a great meal for $10 per plate.  After dinner, we enjoy dancing to singer Danny Albani.  Always a fun time.


Bowditch Park

One of my favorite beach hang out places is Bowditch Park on the northern end of Estero Island.


Weekly Corn Hole Tournament

The Weekly Corn Hole Tournament is held in the RV park on Wednesday afternoons.  Usually 20 teams are drawn to compete in an elimination tournament.  It’s highly social and fun.


Another favorite beach hang-out is Newton Park about half way down the beach.  This small park doesn’t have the crowds that the northern part of the beach does.  It has benches, shade cabanas, and bathrooms.



I started playing pickleball at the local rec center on Monday and Friday mornings. It’s fast paced but the small courts make it easy for geezers.  There’s usually 50-60 people who show up to play on 6 in-door courts.


Fat tire Riding

I like riding my bike on the beach for a few miles. I do this about once per week.  For me, it’s much more preferable to sitting stationary on the beach.

Salty Crab

I also like stopping by the Salty Crab beach bar on Saturday afternoons to hear some live music during happy hour.

So that’s what a typical week looks like.  All this stuff is within walking distance or a short bike ride from the RV park.  That’s one the great things about our RV park location.  There’s lots to do that’s nearby.

And yes, for this retiree, much of my snowbird time is playtime.  It’s also highly social with lots of interaction with my fellow geezer class of snowbirds.  It’s one of the things I like about being a stationary snowbird for part of the year.

When I’m home or traveling, much of my time is spent in solitary pursuits.  I like doing things on my own, but after a few months of doing things solo, I get anxious for more social interactions. My snowbird time is a perfect remedy.  I get to make new friends and enjoy all the people interactions for a few months.  Then, when I’ve had my fill, I look forward to a less busy time when can go back doing solitary pursuits.

Being a part-time RVer lets me live these different lifestyles and it works just fine for me.

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2 thoughts on “Settling into My Snowbird Lifestyle

  1. Roger Bohnke

    What a life! Good to see you enjoying it. Is the park you’re at mostly transients like you who stay for a month, or three? We travelled to several in Florida last spring and were surprised to see that they were probably 75% mobile home parks with people living there year round.

    1. J. Dawg Post author

      Thanks for the comment. The RV park where we stay in Ft. Myers is 80% returning snowbirds. Many stay for 3-5 months but then leave at the end of the season. There’s no fulltime residents or permanent park models.
      J. Dawg