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Toes in the Water, Ass in the Sand

In the summertime when the weather is hot, I like to get in some beach time.  I don’t need a lot. Just a little time with my feet in water, park myself in a beach chair, smell the salt air, and spend a few idle hours staring out at the waves.

I have an affinity for going to the beach.  I grew up on the coast of Maine and could walk to the beach any day I wanted.  When I’m home in the flatlands of central New England, I don’t get to go that often. The closest beach is two hours away down on the Rhode Island coast.  Pretty close, but it does take a little (not much) planning to get in some beach time.

Just A Quick Getaway

Last week, I had a window of open time on my calendar and a forecast for a few days of good weather.  I found an open campsite down on the Charlestown Breachway and quickly planned for a 3-4 day getaway.

That’s the way it is with being retired and having an RV that stays packed.  I see some nice weather, have a few free days, have an idea, get the wife’s ok, and I’m gone!

There’s not much to report.  The weather was sunny and warm with hot days and cool nights.  The beach and campground were crowded, but I found some peaceful places to zone out and stare at the water.  It was a nice little mini vacation.

I figured for this post, I’d just use some of my pictures and write postcard captions to tell the story of my summertime beach time getaway.

Casino Camping

Here I am at Foxwoods casino in CT which is on the way to Rhode Island. I drove down on Sunday to watch and play the afternoon horse races at Saratoga.  I’m smiling because I hit a few Exacta’s and paid for my entire weekend and then some. Spent the night casino camping in the parking lot.  The beach was just a 30 min drive the next morning.

Charlestown Breachway

Camping in tight places at the Charlestown Breachway.  It’s just a dirt parking lot but the beach and lagoon are steps away.  Cost is $20 per day to park (no facilities) for RV’s only.  This is my third time at the Breachway.  I like it because of the location, location, and the location.

Charlestown Breachway

Here’s another view of camping in tight places. This is not for people who want solitude, privacy, or quiet. The genny’s run pretty much all day and you can hear every word of your neighbors conversations.

Charlestown Beach

But I didn’t hang out much at the campground.  This is Charlestown Beach. During mid August it’s understandably packed on a nice warm day. The beach is just a short walk from the campground.


I prefer to spend my time on the Breachway waterway. There’s fewer people and more to look at. The campground is just in the background.


Here I am, parked in a chair on the Breachway.  Got a camera, binoculars, and a cold drink.  I spent most of the afternoon seeing the tide go out and watching boats go by.  

East Beach

Here’s the view from my chair. The other side of the Breachway is the East Beach State Recreation Area.  It’s a large undeveloped section of the coast popular with boaters and kayakers..

Charlestown Breachway

Another view down the Breachway to the lagoon.

Breachway lagoon

Here’s how I spent a couple of days.  Ass in a chair, toes in the water.  With a good book, I was chillin.


Here’s Monday’s sunset.  Picture perfect.

I had a nice summertime beach time getaway.  It was short but just enough to satisfy.  The weather was great, water was warm, and it was all paid for by the nice horses and jockeys at Saratoga Springs Racetrack.

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