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Vlog #4 – Anastasia State Park

1130151642bSaint Augustine is one of my favorite places in Florida.  I first visited the area on a bicycle trip in 2000.  I like the Saint Augustine area.  It’s a very historic area, it’s near the ocean, and it’s not overly developed with big hotel and condo high rises.

When I first retired, we started spending winters in St Augustine Beach.  Now, it’s become a regular stopping point when I travel to Florida.  My favorite camping spot in the area is Anastasia State Park.  It’s located on Anastasia Island, which is a barrier island just outside the mouth of St. Augustine harbor. The state park occupies numerous acres on the northern end of the island.

On our recent trip south to Fort Myers Beach, we stopped for two nights at Anastasia State Park.  It’s a nice place to take a pause from three days of driving.

It’s such a pretty place so I decided to do a vlog entry to show what camping at Anastasia State Park is like.  Here’s the vlog.

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5 thoughts on “Vlog #4 – Anastasia State Park

  1. Gene in Ohio

    Thanks for this link. I have been wanting to visit here so will put it on my list for my spring travel. Also, I followed Utah Rt 128 into Moab and camped along the Colorado after seeing your vlog. Thanks for that too. It was a wonderful drive and campground.

  2. Lawrpel

    What I remember about that state park was spiders, lots of them, in the trees. I hope they moved on- or that they’ve been evicted.