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Postcards From My Maine Vacation

J. Dawg on Vacation in Maine

J. Dawg eating Lobster at Pine Point, ME

Ever since I retired eight years ago, I really don’t take vacations anymore.  I no longer have a need to hit pause and get away from anything.  I already leave home a lot to travel and play so I guess some would say I’m on a perpetual vacation.  But, I would probably call my latest trip to Maine a vacation, because I played tourist for a week.  I didn’t go to explore, take a road trip, or see new sights.  I went to Maine for nine days to visit family and soak up some coastal Maine summer time sights, smells, food, and weather.

For more than a week, I had fun being a tourist.  I did stay-put camping at Bayleys Camping Resort along with the hundreds of other campers who were there.  I visited with family, caught up with some high school friends, played outside most days, road my bike, listened to some music, went to the beach, and ate lots of great food. I didn’t have any contemplative or awesome experiences to write about.  So, I’ll let some pictures tell the story of my week in Maine.

I ate lots of great food.  Had sweet corn and lobster almost every day.

Sebago Brewery

Tiramisu at Sebago Brewery


Fried Clams at Surf 6

Pine Point

The Mrs. about to enjoy a crab roll

I visited with class mates from my high school days.

CPHS Reunion

High School class mates 42 years later

I rode my bike down to the beach on several days,

DSC01642bAnd just hung out.

Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach

I hung out at the Pirates Patio,  Its a boat wreck of a bar right on the beach.

The Pirates Patio

The Pirates Patio

I heard some great music.


Heidi Jo and Alan at the Pirates Patio

I had a couple of drinks.


Enjoying a Mai Tai at my favorite lunch spot – Surf 6

And that’s what I did on my Maine summer vacation.  No big adventures, no new accomplishments, no new sights, no new places.  The weather was perfect.  There were some casualties resulting from my stay in southern Maine.  There’s a few less lobsters in the water, a few less corn ears on stalks, and a few less clams stuck in the mud.  But, some sacrifices had to be made to support my tourist lifestyle.

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4 thoughts on “Postcards From My Maine Vacation

  1. Jeanne K

    Love seeing these wonderful shots!
    I wanted that crabmeat roll sitting in front of your wife ! I am a Maine crabmeat snob.
    Still can’t decide if I love crabmeat or lobster more !!!

    Thanks for sharing your days of leisure ! I am sure that everyone who saw them felt a relaxing peace of mind and could smell the salt air. 😊

  2. Jim Duncan

    Just found you, great sight. I just retired after a 51 yr. career at the same company. The next day I ordered a new 24j View, will be here hopefully sometime in October. This is my first RV although have tent camped many times. Your web sight has really helped. I cannot weight to get started on the next chapter in this old life. Happy Trails, Jim